sound of ukraine

Mariia Yaremak (pianist, composer) and Izabella Ivashchenko (vocalist and songwriter) are professional musicians who successfully worked with orchestras in Ukraine and abroad and performed on the big stages. But the war changed everything.

Now the girls have started a new life in Britain doing concerts, where they acquaint people with what is happening in their country through music, videos and personal stories. They have already played 18 concerts (including St. Albans Cathedral), and have been interviewed twice on BBC: "Everyone knows where our country is on the map, people are talking about Ukraine everywhere.

But what is Ukraine? In our performance we have combined live performance, video and personal stories into a single production to help immerse people into an atmosphere of art and emotions; those languages that we all can understand without words. With our art we want to share the history of our centuries-old culture, the peculiar beauty of our country, support all those people who are currently in difficult life situations and children who lost their parents during the war: Our event can tell the British people more about what people in Ukraine are going through now, and understand their feelings and way of life.

For Ukrainians it will be an opportunity to meet and get acquainted with their citizens and also to feel the atmosphere of something close here, in the new country.


  • Date 11/03/2023
  • Time 13:00 to 15:00
  • Duration 1 Day
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