woodend play area

The Town Council acquired Woodend open space in 2022 and quickly redeveloped the play park with an exciting new design and play equipment. The play area is aimed at 0-12 year olds and centres around an engaging nature theme that is both fun and educational. Pathways have been considerably improved for accessibility, small football goals installed to encourage younger players and additional picnic benches and sensory planting area complete the space. Visitors will also notice a native wildflower mound which assists biodiversity and helps to prevent children running into the path of the zip wire.

We are consulting residents on a draft Management Plan which can be read by clicking on the link below. This plan provides management objectives to encourage the sustainable use of the play area and improve the local environment for both people and wildlife.

Woodend Play Area DRAFT Management Plan

Harpenden Town Council is keen to receive comments from residents regarding the Management Plan. Please contact : Alex Melson

Tel: 01582 463542 / Email: alexander.melson@harpenden.gov.uk

Read more about Harpenden Town Council's aquisition of four new open spaces including Woodend Play Area here: https://www.harpenden.gov.uk/initiatives/community/play-areas

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23/11/2022 11:13
Street Coordinators

Street Coordinators are volunteers who take on the responsibility of liaising with the Town Council and their neighbours: communicating important messages and assisting in looking out for vulnerable people. This is an invaluable scheme as Street Coordinators are often the first point of contact in identifying where assistance is needed.

09/08/2022 09:58
Harpenden Community Banking Hub

Across the country, High Streets have seen many changes over recent years and ours in Harpenden is no different. One of the big changes is the reduction in banks and the services that they offer. Harpenden Town Council has started work to explore the opening of a Community Banking Hub to help address the impact that a loss of banks...